In the summer of 2013, SVPA conducted a paralegal salary survey. Summary results are below and can be downloaded by clicking here.

Summary 2013 Paralegal Salary Survey Results


  • Of respondents, 71.59% were SVPA members
  • 82 respondents were female, 7 were male
  • The majority of respondents held either an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree
  • Only 12 respondents had passed a voluntary certification exam
  • 41.57% of respondents were notaries; 58.43% were not


  • The most common job titles were: corporate paralegal, paralegal, and senior paralegal
  • 65.17% of respondents worked at law firms; 22.47% worked for a government entity
  • 74.16% of respondents work 31-40 hours per week
  • Although respondents worked in many practice areas, the most common one was litigation, with 48.86% of respondents
  • A majority of the respondents, 59.09%, did not have a specific number of hours per year they were expected to bill


  • Among salaried respondents, annual salaries ranged from $23,000 to $110,000, with the average being $65,534
  • Among respondents paid by the hour, hourly pay rates ranged from $14.00 to $42.00, with the average being $27.44
  • The average annual compensation among all respondents was $61,636.53 per year or $29.52 per hour
  • 49 respondents received bonuses
  • The most commonly provided benefits were 401(k) plans, continuing education, medical insurance, and dental insurance.  All of these benefits were provided to 80% or more of respondents.
  • Other common benefits included vision insurance, paid parking, disability insurance, professional dues, and in-house training.  These benefits were provided to between 60% – 79% of respondents.

Survey participants received a complimentary copy of the full report and results.  Copies of the full report are also available for purchase for $5.00.  To purchase a copy, submit your payment below.  The results will be sent via email to the address indicated in your payment information.