Interested in joining SVPA?

There are now two ways you can join SVPA.

To pay by check, download the application and submit via USPS.

To apply and pay online using credit/debit cards or PayPal, click here. Please note that you may only use the online application if you are paying by credit card / PayPal – there is a small service fee for PayPal payments.

Please note that email is our primary form of communication with members.  Make sure your email address is legible and current.

Thank you for joining SVPA!

Commonly Asked Questions on SVPA Membership

For how long is my membership good?

SVPA membership expires in December of every year.  If you join in January, you will enjoy a full year of membership.  If you join in February, you will enjoy 11 months of membership – and so on.

Are membership fees prorated?

Because SVPA membership includes membership in two other professional organizations, we are unable to prorate membership dues.  This means that no matter when you join, your membership fees are the same amount and effective through December 31.

How do I become a member?

Follow the directions at the top of this page to complete and submit your application and payment.

I haven’t received any confirmation of my membership, what do I do?

Please be patient – membership applications may take four to six weeks to process.  If we’ve cashed your check and you haven’t received anything from us, this is most likely because we don’t have your correct email address.  Send an email to our membership vice president to correct this.