Interested in becoming a Sacramento Valley Paralegal Association member?  Read on for information about membership levels, membership benefits, and frequently asked questions.


We offer several membership levels to meet the needs of our paralegal community.


Student membership is available to students at local paralegal schools.


Associate members are persons who do not meet the requirements for either voting or student membership, but have either training or experience as a paralegal but are not currently working as a paralegal.  This category includes paralegal educators, attorneys, and paralegals looking for work.


A working paralegal meeting the following requirements:

  1. Is a practicing paralegal in the State of California and either: (a) meets the requirements of Business and Professions Code section 6450 et seq. or (b) is employed by the State of California; and
  2. Is employed by or contracts with an attorney or attorneys licensed to practice in the State of California; and
  3. Spends at least fifty percent (50%) of their working time on paralegal duties, including:
  • Case planning, development, and management;
  • Legal research;
  • Interviewing clients; fact gathering and retrieving information;
  • Drafting and analyzing legal documents;
  • Collecting, compiling, and utilizing technical information to make an independent decision and recommendation to the supervising attorney;
  • Representing clients before a state or federal administrative agency if that representation is permitted by statute, court rule, or administrative rule or regulation; and
  • Docketing and calendaring.

Any person or entity (including educational institutions and corporations) who does not qualify for membership as a voting, student, or associate member. SVPA offers four different benefit levels for sustaining members, view our sustaining member page for more information.



As a member of the Sacramento Valley Paralegal Association, you will enjoy numerous benefits.  In addition to networking with other paralegals and professionals, your membership provides you with the following benefits:


SVPA holds monthly educational events.  At luncheon meetings, association business is discussed and guest speakers give presentations on various topics of interest to paralegals. Throughout the year, SVPA also hosts various social and fund-raising events. Additionally, SVPA hosts four Brown Bag Lunch Seminars a year. Attendees earn CLE hours at the Brown Bag events. Such events are announced to our membership via email and in The Journal. For more information please see our calendar.


SVPA publishes a bi-monthly newsletter, The Journal, for its members. The Journal contains articles and announcements of SVPA activities, events, job-related matters, seminar information, national and statewide interests, and other reports. SVPA encourages and invites its members to submit articles for publication in The Journal. If you have researched a specific legal topic, read a case which would be of interest to your colleagues or have a Practice Survival Tip, please share it with us. SVPA also publishes a Salary Survey (when available), which contains valuable information regarding salary and working conditions of paralegals in the greater Sacramento area.


SVPA is a member of the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA) which serves to inform and work on behalf of paralegals regarding national events. SVPA members receive the NFPA magazine, National Paralegal Reporter, on a quarterly basis and are entitled to any benefits offered by NFPA.

SVPA is a member of the California Alliance of Paralegal Associations (CAPA) which serves to inform and work on behalf of paralegals regarding state events and serves as a communication network between paralegals and paralegal associations in California. SVPA members receive the CAPA newsletter, RECAP, on a tri-annual basis. Your collateral membership in CAPA has other benefits as well.

SVPA is an Associate Affiliate Member of the Sacramento County Bar Association which offers various benefits to both SVPA and SVPA Members.  SVPA Members are offered a discounted membership fee to SCBA.


Frequently Asked Questions

For how long is my membership good?

SVPA membership expires in December of every year.  If you join in January, you will enjoy a full year of membership.  If you join in February, you will enjoy 11 months of membership – and so on.

Are membership fees prorated?

Because SVPA membership includes membership in two other professional organizations, we are unable to prorate membership dues.  This means that no matter when you join, your membership fees are the same amount and effective through December 31.

I haven’t received any confirmation of my membership, what do I do?

Please be patient – membership applications may take four to six weeks to process.  If we’ve cashed your check and you haven’t received anything from us, this is most likely because we don’t have your correct email address.  Send an email to our membership vice president to correct this.